Self Portrait with Drones, Abruzzo

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I am currently traveling through regions all over Italy photographing bees and beekeepers. The town of Tornareccio, Abruzzo is famously known for their honey, and most residents are beekeepers or have relatives in the trade.

In the fall, female workers bees remove all of the male bees called "drones" from the hive and they starve before the winter comes. Because of this biological phenomenon, I likewise collected drones and made this photo before their inevitable death.

Self Portrait with Drones, Tornareccio 2013

Postcard Collective Summer Exchange 2013

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I've always enjoyed the tangible qualities of a photograph: the ability to experience it's physicality and to hold it in reality. With the popularity of looking at art on the web, the photo as an object is less common. That is why I am so excited to participate in the 2013  Postcard Collective summer exchange.

Postcard with Metal Eyelets and Vellum, 2013

I chose this image of taxidermy wildlife since I wanted to play with the concept of boundaries and the idea of nature being a untouchable. By covering the image with a sheet of vellum, there is an additional layer that separates the viewer from experiencing the image.

The white eyelets were attached by hand. They purpose is to keep the viewer able to lift the corners and be able to play with the postcard, trying to peek underneath the semi opaque vellum.

The viewer is thus able 1. to clearly experience PARTS of the image 2. be unable from looking at the images as a WHOLE.

Back of Postcard, sent to Postcard Collective Headquarters in Arizona


I made custom photo stamps using another one of my similar photographs.

Edition of 33 postcards

I do not consider these pieces finished until the mailing process happens, after they have gone through the United States Postal Service.

The postcards are an edition of 33 and were mailed all over the United States. International postcards were sent to Finland, China, the UK, Canada, and Cyprus.


Self Portraits on View at "State of the Art" Show

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Two of my self portraits are in the State of the Art show at Audio Concepts on Comm Ave in Boston. The exhibit is based on the combination of science/technology and art. 

The show was reviewed by Artscope Magazine and was mentioned in New England Homes Magazine.

My photographs were made using long exposures in a pitch black room. I used a laser pointer and reflected it onto a mirror to draw with light.

Self Portrait with Laser Pointer, 2012

Tableaux, 2012

New England Portfolio Reviews 2013

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The Photographic Resource Center at Boston University invited me, and the other PRC volunteers, to have our work reviewed at the New England Portfolio Reviews. I met with three reviewers: Martha Takayama, owner of Tepper Takayama Fine Arts, Suzanne Schultz, founder of Canvas Fine Arts, and Elaine Totten Davis, a creative life coach.

I got great feedback on my work and ideas on how/where to present it. Thank you PRC for the invite!

Flash Forward Festival 2013

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I had the pleasure of showing two of my photographs at the Magenta Foundation's Flash Forward Festival. Undergraduate Photography Now was curated by two talented Boston photographers, Greer Muldowney and Bruce Myren. The show was installed at the Boston Architectural College.

My prints on view were "The Hypnotist" and "Street Pigeon with Broken Leg."